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White Chocolate Truffles

Kensington Gardens Tea & Chocolaterie; is an independent bakery and chocolaterie, creating a selection of seasonal freshly handmade cakes & chocolates. Based in London, Notting Hill we offer a range of cakes with a selection of fine tea's. 


All of our products are handmade with care, using the finest and organic ingredients. We never use artificial flavours or additives in our cakes and chocolates. Our pâtissièrie and confectionary showcases British style of baking, creating exceptional and delicious flavours.  


From our Coffee & Caramelised Walnut Cake, Stem Ginger Cake, Victoria Sponge and to smooth Milk Chocolate Caramel Crown Truffles; are handcrafted to perfection using traditional methods in both baking and chocolate tempering.


From the unique craftsmanship of our products are exquisitely presented with beautifully wrapped boxes, tied in our signature pastel blue satin ribbon. 


We pride ourselves being a London based British bakery at its finest. 


We are delighted to share our story with you and very much look forward to your visit. 



Kensington Gardens Tea & Chocolaterie 

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