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Chocolate Mint Cupcake


Autumn Chocolate Orange Cupcake

Leah - South Kensington

First class cakes, what really makes them stand out from the rest is the quality of ingredients and flavours you don’t usually find in cake shops. Not to mention the beautifully decorated designs. Shall be ordering myself more. If you want a slice of luxury indulgence these are the cakes. 

Red Velvet Cupcake
Glazed Hibiscus Vanilla Cupcake 
Halah - Kensington 

Love, love, love the Red Velvet Cupcakes! The frosting has an amazing texture and taste. These were a big hit with the entire family. The Glazed Hibiscus Cupcake, was so delicious, you could really taste the individual flavours.  

Chocolate Ganache Cake 

Oliver - Kensington 

A delicious cake, moist and rich in flavour. I could really taste the quality of chocolate used. The ganache was smooth and a delight to have with my cup of tea. 

Raspberry & Coconut Cupcake

Melissa - Kensington

We really loved the selection of cakes ordered, they were perfectly sized with a great proportion of icing. Sometimes when there is too much icing I find it overwhelming, but yours were just right. I loved the flavours. it was a pleasant surprise to find raspberry jam in the centre of the cupcake.. Great cupcakes, beautiful, original and delicious.

Red Velvet Chocolate Crown Cake


White Chocolate & Coconut Truffles

Rob - Notting Hill

The cake was so so good, it was beautiful and had a subtle chocolate flavour with a delicious frosting - that was just right, not overly sweet as I have found elsewhere. The truffles were absolutely divine!

Chocolate & Black Cherry Cupcake

Gilla - Brook Green

How delicious!!!! Much more than the best cupcake I ever had!!!!

Dark Chocolate Orange  Truffles

Crème Pâtissièrie Cupcake

Ron & Dickie - Notting Hill

Truffles & Cupcakes were truly divine. We both loved them! 

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