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Vegan Cupcakes

Exquisite Vegan Cupcakes Right to Your Doorstep

Are you looking for the best vegan cupcakes in London?

If you are looking for the best vegan cupcakes in London, check out Kensington Gardens Tea & Chocolaterie. Here at Kensington Gardens Tea & Chocolaterie, we create a wide selection of delicious, handmade cakes and chocolates. Not only are our vegan cupcakes handcrafted, but with our cake delivery service, they are also hand-delivery right to you.

Having ideal cupcakes should be an experience. Speaking to the cultural memory of Georgian tea and cakes, having our vegan cupcakes delivered right to your door unlocks a sensation that has been lost to our busy age.

Our online bakery is based in London and our cake delivery service covers whole sections of our community and the local metro area. The best way to find out if you are in our delivery range is to get in touch with us today.

We craft each of our vegan cupcakes with an eye towards refinement. We want your experience with our baked goods to be something more. These are cupcakes that will change how you look at tea.

Your search for the best vegan cupcakes in London has brought you right to our shop. Now let our professional artisans bring these vegan cupcakes right to your doorstep.

Our cake delivery is ready to meet your needs. Whether you are just craving a quick snack or you have bigger plans in mind, we can get the baked goods you need to you right away.

Our services cover large orders as well as cakes for parties and events. From Valentine’s Day to birthday parties, our refined cakes add a sense of regal imagination to whatever event you are hosting.

If you have a large order in mind, reach out to our team today to learn more about pricing and delivery rates.

We’re here to revive the Georgian tea tradition and put a modern spin on a timeless classic. With our cake delivery service you’ll be enjoying your cakes in no time.

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