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Red Velvet Cake

From Red Velvet Cake to Chocolate Cakes - We Have Cakes Fit For Georgian High Society

Whether you are in the mood for a red velvet cake or chocolate cake, we can agree your next birthday cake needs to taste absolutely delicious. That is why, your next birthday cake should be bespoke and handcrafted by the expert culinary artisans at Kensington Gardens Tea & Chocolaterie. 

Our baked goods aren’t just for tea, they are perfect for any occasion. And, your birthday is truly a moment to celebrate. You only get one each year and why not make them a day to remember for the rest of your life?

Our online bakery serves the greater London area with everything from red velvet cakes, chocolate cake, lemon curd, truffle cake and much more. If you are ready to experience a new horizon in luxury baked goods, our shop is waiting for you.

We’ve been striving to create the best cakes in Chelsea because we know this is about more than just taste. We believe that each meal you have has the potential to become a bespoke memory. Something unique that you can cherish and share with the people closest to you. Whether you are looking to explore the elegant baking traditions of England or you want a gluten-free or vegan spin on a classic cake, we can craft something that will speak to you.

Place your next order on our online shop today.

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